ATTIC FLOOR ROOM - 1994/2004

This room collects together about sixty works,  drawings, paintings and sculptures in vetro fusione, some have been chosen from prestigious exhibitions dedicated to the artist, and others have been taken from his private collection and the collection of his personal curator Adriano Berengo. Set out in chronological order from 1995 to 2004, the room represents the crucial development of his sculptures in a parallel to his painting activity.

There are five themes – Marine, Musical vibrations, Epic, The room of power, Angels and devils – and a particular room entitled Homage to beauty – which includes “Lovers”, “Motherhood” and “Camilla” – which document Vigliaturo’s very rich and prolific production and the persistence of recurrent themes.

The exposition – laid out with one or more sculptures and paintings for each year, including the most representative for each theme or formal research – is organised chronologically, from the first painting to the art installations which deepen the different aspects of the artist’s versatile personality, an extraordinary witness of our time and careful observer of the human condition.

The room documents the intimate link between sculpture and painting that, melted together, offer a vast demonstration of this artistic journey.

Vigliaturo’s attention slowly turns towards mass phenomena and social reality, analysing the dualism which characterises the human soul – good and evil, joy and pain, love and hate – representing quite clearly his hopes and desires. In these works colour, used with elegant mastery, becomes the focal point; a strong colour, sometimes discordant and contrasting, but capable of offering us the sense of a chromatic devotion and the reflection of a courageous stylistic sensitivity.