As Merleau-Ponty wrote about lovers: «The body stands upright in front of the world and the world stands upright in front of the body; they embrace each other. And between these two there is not a frontier but a surface of contact».

The lovers are the favourite theme of the entire creative season of Vigliaturo, developed with several painting and sculpture techniques. They represent a masterly example of the invention and of the plastic-formal elaboration skills of the artist.

The sensuality of these figures has an accentuated poetic lyricism, and rises thanks to the elegant rhythmical modulation of the whole sculpture, in the play of faces which melt into one.

These statues allow us to access to one of the deepest subjects of Vigliaturo’s universe: the “Lovers”. Tied to the female figure, they provide interesting ideas on an ideological point of view, where erotic metaphors are delicate and sensual, sweet and severe in their chromatic vitality and enhanced by extraordinary reflections of light.