Room 9 of the museum MACA houses Vigliaturo's works dedicated to the figure of Harlequin, important character of the Commedia dell'Arte. Revisited in a modern style, Harlequin becomes the code of an emblematic language, created to convey a meaning which is neither simple nor obvious. For the artist, he identifies the Western man with his worries about the advent of another civilization: the Muslim one. Harlequin is, therefore, not only the masked character par excellence, recognisable in his colorful costume, but he is a symbol of polarity. The endless dualism of human nature are proposed by Harlequin in his sneer, his play, his opportunist playacting that the artist uses, in a subtle game of argumentative joints on duplicity, deceit and tear on the loss of human values of our time. If Harlequin denounces the deceptive lightness of a playful joke, pointing out, in the light of an icy irony, the irretrievable loss of innocence in human life, Vigliaturo tries to offer the hope of a positive answer, leaving the impression of a deep seriousness and great style.