Drawing, besides painting and  sculpture, will always be for Vigliaturo an important component of his own continuous research, of his determination and powerful creative vitality. A phase no less important in his artistic experience, drawings highlight the enchanting beauty of a constantly practised,  sensitive and refined graphic style. Placed in the context of the artist’s life and his stylistic development, they are not only simple formal descriptions but they often represent the source of inspiration and the preparatory studies for his  paintings.

The collection is an important part of the exposition, offering a very high quality selection of papers, chosen from his wide graphic production.

Angelo Mistrangelo’s words, in the introduction of the catalogue for the exhibition at the Società Promotrice delle Belle Arti in Turin (1993), recall a «Matisse influence» in his pastel works and how the drawings represent «the faithful passage of an intuition, of a thought, of a “telling” that links the landscape to the figures, the marine landscapes to the plaster busts,  the city lights that flood the constant flow of cars and the anonymous crowd».