Target: 6-11 years

Tip: to make with the help of a teacher or parent

The fox for cunning, a bear for the strength, the peacock for vanity ... Fairy tales and cartoons have always used animals as symbols and even art does!
Below are the five works of the artist Silvio Vigliaturo, in all there is the horse, but in every work this animal symbolizes something different. You know every horse to link to its meaning?

1) CLAMORE E SILENZI, 1995 - oil on canvas 100x200

2) ULTIME CAREZZE PRIMA DELLA CORSA, 1992 - oil on cardboard cm.103x72

3) XANTO, CANTO ALLA LUNA, 1998 - CM.72X27 glass melting

4) CAVALLINO, 1993 – CM.29, 5X42


And you, with which the animal rappresenteresti ELEGANCE, STRENGTH, POWER, restlessness and FREEDOM? Share your artwork with us!

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