Target: 11-16 years

The epic poems narrating the deeds, historical or legendary, a hero or a people's sources are always loved by artists of all time. Ulysses, Achilles and Hector, the monsters of mythology and the gods are often portrayed, however, as a symbol of quality and character ascribed to them in the literature. Contemporary artists, and so Silvio Vigliaturo, have often changed the physical appearance and affect the representation of the subject on the basis of these elements.

1) ULISSE, 1996 - CM.100X40 glass melting

2) ELENA, 2004 – CM.73X21 glass melting


3) XANTO, CANTO ALLA LUNA, 1998 - CM.72X27 glass melting

IL FAUNO2004 - CM.97X40

3) IL FAUNO, 2004 – CM.97X40 glass melting


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