Target: 11-16 years

Yes, Pop Art, one of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, made up of comics, advertising and bright colors also came from Italy! Famous artists of the poor have, in fact, created works that subject and style may fall into the category Pop.
Alighiero Boetti has thought of a strange game made up of numbers and colors, Aldo Mondino has created a whole picture using only chocolates and acrylics ... Play now with new forms and materials, from your own daily reality, and becomes a Pop artist!
Share your artwork with us!


Tip: to make with the help of a teacher or parent

1) Alighiero Boetti “Da uno a dieci” mixed media on paper (‘80 years)

2) Aldo Mondino “Il cuore del Monferrato” chocolates on the table (2000)

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